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FitnessPlans Appoints Lauren Foundos to its Board of Advisors

NEW YORK, March 3, 2022 -- Today FitnessPlans' Board of Advisors proudly inducts Lauren Foundos, founder and CEO of FORTË. As a former Division I athlete, financial expert and seasoned entrepreneur Lauren brings with her immense knowledge and understanding of all aspects of growth stage businesses.

Prior to launching FORTË in 2015, Lauren spent a decade working on Wall Street as an Institutional US Government Bond Broker at Whitaker Securities. She was inspired to create FORTË due to her lifelong passion for fitness and athletics. FORTË has revolutionized the fitness industry. Using FORTË's proprietary streaming hardware and software, gyms around the world create premium digital fitness offerings for their members through a website and app branded specifically for them. 

"We're more than honored to welcome Lauren to our Board of Advisors.", said Jeff Kazmucha, FitnessPlans, CEO. "Her expertise in technology, finance, and hand's on experience with digital transformation in the commercial fitness industry will no doubt be an asset in the days ahead."

About FitnessPlans

FitnessPlans is a company whose success thrives on the simple idea of making fitness results efficient, effective, and accessible to all. FitnessPlans leverages the best technology available to create solutions that are simple, practical, and connect all sides of the fitness ecosystem.

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