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Startup FitnessPlans raises pre-seed funding from DX.Partners

NEW YORK, October 18, 2022 -- B2B2C fitness startup FitnessPlans raised an undisclosed amount in the pre-seed funding round to further develop its fitness plans platform.

The investment was led by DX.Partners, a Venture Studio that innovates, invests, educates, and builds communities ripe for outcomes-driven digital transformation, and Garrett Marshall, a veteran executive from the Fitness Industry.

For gym operators and fitness professionals who are underwhelmed by the time, expense, and poor returns involved with digitizing their fitness businesses, FitnessPlans is a hassle-free platform that enables you to merchandise assets you already have.

Unlike other digital products, FitnessPlans is free and can be added to your website in less than 30 minutes.

Having launched in beta on January 1, 2022, the company says it first endeavors to demonstrate meaningful financial results and success with its early pro and business customers.

“We are building a third-party platform that empowers the commercial industry—who don't have the tools and resources necessary - to deliver digital experiences comparable to that of the digitally-native leaders in fitness," said Jeff Kazmucha, the company's CEO.

He added that there has been a lot of “excitement around more turnkey and affordable digital solutions among gyms and the professionals they employ" and that "until now there have not been any third-party products that unlock the massive wealth of expertise contained within the mainstream [commercial] fitness market that provide the user experience and accessibility that consumers have now come to expect."

About FitnessPlans

FitnessPlans is a company whose success thrives on the simple idea of making fitness results efficient, effective, and accessible to all. FitnessPlans leverages the best technology available to create solutions that are simple, practical, and connect all sides of the fitness ecosystem.

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