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Garrett Marshall Joins FitnessPlans' Board of Advisors

NEW YORK, January 16, 2022 -- FitnessPlans recently welcomed Garrett Marshall, President, Fitness Streaming at Xponential Fitness (NYSE: XPOF) and former CEO at FitnessOnDemand, to the company's Board of Advisors. As a seasoned technology executive with two decades of experience in fitness and technology, Mr. Marshall has broad expertise in strategy, operations, and marketing.  

Mr. Marshall's experience has included developing strategy and innovation, executive leadership, business development, strategic partnerships, and driving technology.

"We have reached a point in time where both health awareness and digitization are at an all-time high. I focus on opportunities to combine those elements in a way that results in very real, practical, high-value solutions for everyday people to improve their wellbeing. FitnessPlans is positioned at those crossroads".

Mr. Marshall has been privileged to contribute in several successful businesses resulting in two IPO's, four Inc. 1000 FGC awards, and IHRSA's Rising Star award.

Jeff Kazmucha, CEO, FitnessPlans, noted "The FitnessPlans team welcomes Garrett as a valuable addition to our Board of Advisors. His deep experience in the fitness space, his intimate understanding of our business customers' needs, and his vision for the future of mobile will be a big asset in shaping FitnessPlans future products and services."

About FitnessPlans

FitnessPlans is a company whose success thrives on the simple idea of making fitness results efficient, effective, and accessible to all. FitnessPlans leverages the best technology available to create solutions that are simple, practical, and connect all sides of the fitness ecosystem.

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