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FitnessPlans names Jeff Kazmucha Chief Executive Officer

FitnessPlans names Jeff Kazmucha as the company’s new CEO. 

NEW YORK, January 10, 2022 -- announced on Friday that Jeff Kazmucha has been named FitnessPlans' CEO having officially started on the third of January.

For gym operators and fitness professionals who are underwhelmed by the time, expense, and poor returns involved with digitizing their fitness businesses, FitnessPlans is a hassle-free platform that enables you to merchandise assets you already have.

Unlike other digital products, FitnessPlans is free and can be added to your website in less than 30 minutes.

Having launched in beta on January 1, 2022, the company says that it first endeavors to demonstrate meaningful financial results and success with its early pro and business customers.

“I am very excited to be joining the team, especially at such an important time for the  fitness industry” said Jeff Kazmucha. “Health awareness is at an all time high and while digital fitness solutions for consumers are overabundant, the transaction costs involved in getting real, lasting, results are still high for consumers, fitness professionals, and gyms."

As a well known and respected name in emerging fit-tech and investment circles, Mr. Kazmucha's expertise includes mobile strategy, SaaS, and venture fundraising. He currently serves on the board's of several adjacent companies in fitness, food, AI, fin-tech, and nutrition.

"These transaction costs are largely a byproduct of a highly fractured marketplace with many siloed product offerings, all endeavoring to create their own first-party marketplaces. FitnessPlans is the first platform that delivers a 21st century consumer experience but operates third-party by making these tools available to the commercial market."

About FitnessPlans

FitnessPlans is a company whose success thrives on the simple idea of making fitness results efficient, effective, and accessible to all. FitnessPlans leverages the best technology available to create solutions that are simple, practical, and connect all sides of the fitness ecosystem.

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